The Medical Scientific Institute was proclaimed as a result of an agreement signed on April 22, 1966 between the Minister of Education of Suriname and the acting chairman of the board of curators of the University of Leiden. 

The first stone for the construction of the Medical Scientific Institute was laid on September 27, 1969 by Mr. B. W. Biesheuvel. On September 4, 1972 the Medical Scientific Institute was officially established. At the start of the academic year 1972/1973 the Faculty of Medical Sciences was already using the facilities of the Institute, but the official opening was on June 30, 1973.

The first Board of the Medical Scientific Institute took office on November 24, 1972 and consisted of:
Mr. H.L. de Vries, Chairman
Prof. Mr. H.H. Maas (State University Leiden)
Mr. M.D. van Wolferen (State University Leiden)
Mr. C.J. Zwarts (Faculty of Medical Sciences Leiden)
Mr. O. van der Geld (Vice-President Court of Justice – Suriname)
Mr. M.G. de Miranda (Attorney General – Suriname)
Drs. P.S.R. Radakishun (Director Secondary Higher Education – Suriname)

Dr. J.L.M. Lelyveld was appointed as the first Director of the Institute.

Directors 1972 – present
Dr. J.L.M. Lelyveld
Prof. Dr. E. Wijngaarde
Drs. P.S.R. Radhakishun
Drs. W.A. van Kanten
Drs. W. Bakker
Prof. Dr. R.F.M. Lai A Fat
H.M. Tjon Jaw Chong MPH
Ir. R.A. Mac Donald
Prof. Dr. R.S. Panday
N.B. de Bel MSc MBA MPM
Drs. B.M. Sabajo-Cederboom Msc