Minilab: Quality control of antimalarials

The use of counterfeit medicines is of particular concern in developing countries and ensuring the quality of malaria medicines is crucial in working toward malaria control and eventual elimination.

The MINILAB testing system utilizes basic tests to evaluate four critical medicines quality attributes – identity, content, impurities and disintegration. In 2007, we tested 9 different types of antimalarials in 21 drug samples purchased through the PAHO in the informal circuit in various areas of the country. All drugs tested, passed not only the primary screening (visual inspection & disintegration) but also the color reaction test and the TLC analysis.

Suriname is not yet confronted with counterfeit antimalarials as threat, but caution is warranted since more than 50% of the copacked primaquine in the Artecom strips did not meet the requirements.

Quality of anti-malarials collected in the private and informal sectors in Guyana and Suriname
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Implementation of basic quality control tests for malaria medicines in Amazon Basin countries: results for the 2005-2010 period
Malaria Journal 11, 202 (2012)