Human Papilloma Virus Detection & Typing

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection is the main etiological determinant for cervical neoplasia. Globally, high-risk HPV is present in more than 99.7% of cervical carcinomas. Introduction of the HPV diagnostic detection in Suriname makes it possible to detect HPV at an early stage. If typing indicates that there is a high risk type, timely treatment can be commenced, resulting in a reduction of the incidence of cancer and mortality from cervical cancer.

With financial support from UNFPA and the Ministry of Health, an HPV detection and typing system has been developed whereby, next to the eleven most common high-risk types, even the frequent low-risk subtypes 6 and 11 can be demonstrated. The established HPV typing test system will enable the government to introduce HPV screening of women in the fight against cervical cancer. Using the typing protocol will also provide insight into the prevalence of HPV in Suriname. Advice regarding the choice of vaccines and studies to determine the effectiveness of VIA testing and HPV vaccination programs are thus made possible.

The test is available as of June 1 2012 within the Surinamese healthcare system. The test system is extremely suitable to be used also in other low resource setting countries.

Newspaper articles:
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